Python print and metallic details show up the country style of the new Khriò collection.
ADV Spotlight_Urban
No categories, just trends. Mid boots, the most wanted, can be easy and crucial, able to perfect any outfit, whether casual or sophisticated. Tough in concept and frilly in the decorative hints, mixing leather, metal and the unexpected fabric. Get mixed up!
Khriò per
Khriò on Stay tuned!!
with Style in mind
Aiming at structural and functional quality, KHRIO never loses sight of style. As Urban Mix style: design and ergonomics, sobriety and refinement, rich and captivating hardware, buckles, bands and inserts, mixing leather and textile. And, as usual, the unmistakable metal touch given by the precious finishing. Go Silver!
Prova 1
What Colour are you?
Discovering a woman's soul is like enjoying the magic of a kaleidoscope. KHRIO loves and plays with color. Brushstrokes, shades, chromatic sensations coloring every mood, from the most sparkling to the most delicate one. And ... what color are you?
Life is too short to wear boring shoes
Life's too short to freak out, to have regrets, to go on a diet or walk on the boring side! In our KHRIO world every day is a new emotion, a pop program, each day you fly with imagination at your feet! KHRIO ... scarpe diem!
Vanity Flair
As Marilyn would say... Accessories are a girl's best friends! Never without, never worthless, allies for the Beauty of every woman, co-starring in her life. A jewel, a lipstick, a perfume, a dress... Khriò shoes. Picked with care, they tell who you are and you don't need to speak!
Eyes can distract, smile can mix up, but shoes always tell the truth! And Khrió never lies, with its solid, consistent, brilliant character. KHRIO is experience and curious instinct to discover unusual source of creativity, to interact with material and shape, experimenting innovative intuitions. Khrió is inspiration, concept, projects. Wearable, lovable.
So natural so beautiful
Khrió woman lives her new Spring/Summer 2014 suspended between Earth and Sky. Dynamic and pragmatic, lighthearted and dreamy, she moves around her space so natural and free. A one-and-multi woman who loves changing and having the shoe in tune with all her moments, from daily time to special occasions. 5 moods: the active pace Urban Chic, the charm of Glam Look, the genuineness of Country Chic, and then the comforting Everyday walk and the the speedy energy of Sport Fashion.
Creativity Piece-by-Piece
So many slight accurate details make each shoe a perfect synthesis of technology, craftsmanship and research. Focus on metal made and metal mood elements. Focus on leathers and finishing, that final phase with its fundamental and special treatments, that through waxes or dyes, are able to create that unmistakable look, the distinctive sign of Khrió creations.
Don’t be afraid
A pearl of wisdom, a good advice, to ourselves and to those walking with us. Our category is: extra_ordinary.
No fear to be, me-just-like-I-am, that DNA double helix, that code far more unique than our name. We walk our way, deciding the pace, the path, the goal. We are the footprint, singular, feminine.
The sneaker feels urban chic, contemporary and refined, combination of ease and style, born for those who love walking…even over the top!
A shoe can tell a lot about you. Listen…
Watch the way you walk